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Commercial Smoker

Smoking cabinets are a special product developed by our company for smoking meat, fish, lard, and cheese.

They can be installed outdoors and indoors under a hood.

This design allows you to make meat, fish or lard juicy, delicious and add the aroma of a light haze, giving the dish piquancy.

You can buy a hot smokehouse on our website.

Main features of a commercial bbq smokers

Design. The oven consists of two components: a burner and a smoking chamber. The burner is a chamber with a charcoal storage, an ash box and grates.

The smoking chamber has a tray, hooks or grates to place pieces of meat, fish, cheese and other products that require processing. The chamber includes an adjustable valve.

Operation. The UNIT Group line includes two models of hot smokehouses.

In the first model, the chamber is heated from the bottom of the oven and on the sides, from the walls contacting the flow of hot air.

This design allows the smoking temperature to be adjusted using the lower shutter of the oven and the upper gate. You can monitor the cooking temperature using a thermometer built in the door of the smokehouse.

The main advantage of the commercial bbq smokers for restaurants is that the smoke from the oven does not get into the smoking chamber. This means that you can use any firewood without fear that the taste or aroma of the food will be distorted in any way or that it will turn out not as expressive. This oven uses a tray to enhance the smell of the dish.

In the second model, the chamber is connected to the oven. The main source of smoke is firewood placed in the oven.

Material. You can buy a hot smokehouse made of high-quality materials, i.e. food grade stainless steel. This material is resistant to moisture, corrosion, high temperature. It can be easily washed after cooking meat, fish, cheese and other foods.

Production of Smokehouses

LLC Promyshlenno-Tehnologicheskaya Kompaniya (TM UNIT®) offers smokehouses of its own design.

We select the material for the product, discuss its parameters and technical specifications. You can buy smokehouses of any form from us: both budget and premium class products.

To find out the cost of the product, click on the Order Calculation button. Leave your contact details in a short form. After receiving the form, we will call you back to discuss all the terms of cooperation.

Do the same if you are interested in the price of kitchen heating equipment, grills, barbecues or other products that our company produces for restaurants, cafés, hotels, laundries, and supermarkets.

Order hot commercial smoker to expand the menu of your establishment and offer guests new dishes with a special taste and aroma!

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions, mm 555х1396х537
Cooking Surface, mm 405х375
Size of Smoking Chamber (L×H×W), mm 420х645х415
Chamber Door (L×H), mm 420х620
Product Weight (max), kg 110
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