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The Argentinean grill Parilla

The Argentinean grill Parilla is an ingenious and simple device at the same time. The main component part of Parilla is the height-adjustable grill with V-shaped ribs, since the grating has an inclination angle of up to 5°C, a tray for collecting fat is installed along the front part, and that is an advantage compared to a horizontal grill or skewers (a smell of burning fat is absent). An elevation of the grating is provided with the use of a lever mechanism or a conventional chain mechanism with a wheel. The Production Company ’Yugo-Vostok’ will provide you either a ready-made or a customized solution for a summer area, a private residence, an outdoor event, an indoor restaurant or a café as well. The item can be either simple or decorated with the stainless steel, brass, copper or wooden parts.

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