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Argentina Grill AG-B

This solution is suitable both for stationary kitchens of cafés, restaurants, and pubs, and for mobile establishments — “food trucks”.

The AG-B Argentina Parrilla Grill is quite compact: its size ranges from 1,000 to 2,500 mm. And it can be adapted to a room of any form and size. The main thing is to decide straight away, which area the structure will be installed on: open or closed.

We recommend buying the AG-B Argentinian Parrilla Grill for establishments that want to offer guests juicy and flavourful grilled meat, fish, and vegetable dishes.

Main Features of the AG-B Parrilla

Design. The AG-B Grill consists of two key elements: ribbed grates, which hold the ingredients of meat, fish or vegetable dishes, and a grease drip pan.

The main advantage of the drip pan is that it “collects” all the grease that flows down from pieces of meat or fish. This way you will avoid unpleasant taste or aroma in the food. When grease gets on the charcoal, the released steam contains various impurities. During cooking, it settles on meat or fish, which gives it a bitter taste.

Another feature of this model is a lever mechanism for lifting the grill. The lever is located in the upper side of the complex. Its height is adjusted by bringing the system of clamps and counterweights to a certain position. Now you can choose the height of the grill, and at the same time, the degree of steak doneness.

Also this model includes shelves for resting meat. They are needed to make the meat juicier and softer after a strong roasting.

Material. We offer the AG-B Series Argentinian Parrilla Grill made of high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion, moisture, and high temperatures. Each part requires a specific material, depending on its distance from the fire source.

For example, the grill jacket is made of boiler-grade steel with refractory brickwork. The grills, lifting mechanism, and grease drip pan are made of food-grade stainless steel.

The stand and side panels of the grill are produced in black steel with powder coating or stainless steel. And if you plan to run the parrilla indoors, then an insulator is installed on the side panels to reduce the thermal radiation from the structure.

The exhaust hood is produced with stainless or black steel with powder coating. And the product is decorated with wood, copper, brass, or black steel.

We recommend installing GF or GFL Hydrofilters in the room to make working with the grill more convenient and safe. They eliminate sparks, unpleasant odours, and smoke.

How to Buy Grills from Our Company

To buy the Argentina Grill of any design, as well as accessories for it, place an order on our website or by phone: 067 613‑10‑52, 099 212‑38‑52. Find out the terms of product development, payment and delivery.

You can also purchase devices for cooking josper menu items from authorized dealers of our company.

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