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Grill Oven - BQBK

The BQBK-1 Grill Oven with a smokehouse runs on charcoal and does not require power or gas connection. It is designed specifically for cooking meat, fish and poultry, vegetables, mushrooms, and fruits on the grill, and for hot smoking meat and fish, using the heat that is released by the grill.

The smokehouse is used to increase the efficiency of the grill and increase the variety of dishes prepared without additional use of fuel.

The smokehouse operates as follows: the heat from the grill oven chamber heats the air in the smokehouse chamber and the tray with sawdust. Hot air exits through a pipe in the upper part of the structure, and the smoke from sawdust exits through a hole on the lid of the smokehouse.

Design. The main body is a chamber made of boiler-grade steel, with a wall thickness of over 9 mm. Inside the oven and smokehouse, there are 2 grills, which can be rearranged depending on the features of the dish to be prepared.

A thermometer built in the door controls the temperature, and an ash box and an upper gate are installed to adjust it.

Maximum temperature: +350 °C.

To avoid heating the walls of the body, we use an insulator between the walls of the chamber and the lining.

Basic configuration. In addition to the oven, you will receive products that will make cooking and maintaining the structure more convenient:

*Two grills for the grill oven and two for the smokehouse;

  • Tongs;
  • Retractable grease drip pan in the grill oven and in the smokehouse;
  • Fire iron;
  • Dustpan;
  • Brush;
  • Spark extinguisher.

How and Why You Should Order a Josper Oven from our Company

Our company has been manufacturing jospers and other equipment for leading restaurants, cafés, pubs in Ukraine for more than 13 years. We have our own design office and a production workshop where the equipment is designed, assembled and passes the final quality control.

We use only high-quality material for the production of the oven: stainless steel, resistant to moisture, corrosion, high temperatures, and pressure.

The production time of the josper is less than 14 days.

Our company provides a warranty for a finished josper, as well as post-warranty service.

To buy the BQBK-1 Series Josper Oven, leave a request on the website or by phone: 067 613‑10‑52, 099 212‑38‑52.

We will discuss the key production details for your kitchen appliance. And within a few weeks you will receive the grill oven of the new design. It will enable you to expand the menu of the establishment, offering guests delicious and flavourful grilled dishes.

Technical specification of the BQBK-1 model range ovens:


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