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Pizza Oven for the BQ Grill Oven

For cafés, restaurants, and pubs that plan to include the most popular dish of Italian cuisine in their menu, we offer a pizza oven for the BQ Josper.

This is a unique solution developed by our company. It has no equivalents in any market in the world.

It is installed on the josper and helps reuse the hot air leaving to the atmosphere for the second time. This allows you to reuse a valuable resource, save space in the kitchen and diversify the restaurant menu.

Operation of the BQ Add-on

Operation of the pizza oven as add-on for the grill oven is simple: it “catches” the hot air coming out of the josper, and then passes it under the hearth and around the walls of the pizza oven. Usually, the hot air just disappears.

But if the josper has a special superstructure installed, i.e. BQ UNIT, then the heated air is reused. Then, it is evenly distributed throughout the chamber, warming the dish from all sides. As a result, the pizza is prepared within 4 to 5 minutes. The time with setting and serving the dish takes only 8 to 12 minutes.

This installation will enable new opportunities for your establishment. You will be able to:

  • Increase the number of dishes prepared within a specific time period;
  • Expand the menu range without wasting the kitchen area on additional units;
  • Reduce the time spent on cooking and serving pizza;
  • Break the stereotype that preparing pizza has to take 25 to 30 minutes;
  • Increase the efficiency of the kitchen staff;
  • Reduce the time and resources used on the maintenance of kitchen equipment.

Design Features

We offer a pizza oven add-on for a grill oven made of durable and high-quality stainless steel. This material is resistant to steam, high temperatures, and corrosion. It will last for a long time, maintaining its strength and presentable appearance.

The thickness of the chamber walls is 1.5 mm. The hearth (bottom of the oven) is a pizza stone.

As the structure becomes dirty, it must be cleaned.

To control the cooking temperature, the top panel has a built-in thermometer.

Also, in addition to the oven, you will receive a set of fasteners and a pizza spatula. It will make placing the Italian dish in the oven chamber much more convenient and easier.

How to Place an Order with our Company

You can buy a pizza oven for the BQ Josper, as well bbq josper accessories from us or from authorized dealers of our company.

To buy a pizza oven for BQ Josper on our website, fill out a short form after clicking on the Order Calculation button. Enter your name and contact phone number. We will contact you and discuss further cooperation.

You can also order equipment for cafés, restaurants, pubs and other catering establishments by phone: 067 613‑10‑52, 099 212‑38‑52. Buy unique kitchen equipment for your establishments that meets European quality standards from us!

Oven Model Dimensions, mm Size of Stone Hearth, mm Weight, kg
BQB-1, BQM-1, BQS-1, BQMS-1 700х615х349 525х500 83
BQB-2, BQM-2, BQS-2, BQMS-2    800х615х349 560х500 100
BQB-3, BQS-3, BQM-3, BQMS-3 1090х615х349    
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