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Hot storage cabinet for the BQ grill oven

Holding cabinet for a grill oven is another important addition for the kitchens of pubs, restaurants, or cafés that serve meat, fish, and vegetable dishes from the josper menu.

It is designed for resting meat, preserving the heat of cooked dishes, and heating dishes to the desired temperature.

Holding cabinet for a grill oven and josper barbecue accessories are available for purchase on our website or by phone: 067 613‑10‑52, 099 212‑38‑52.

Why You Need a Holding Cabinet for a Grill Oven

After installing the holding cabinet for the BQ Oven, it will optimize the work of the kitchen staff and improve the taste of meat dishes. Holding cabinet provides such important features as:

  • Meat resting: This is a necessary process for a steak after a strong roasting, which hardens the protein in the meat, making it tougher. To make it soft and juicy, you need to place the dish in a holding cabinet for 1 to 20 minutes. The holding time depends on the size of the piece. Many people adhere to the following rule: 100 g are to be heated for 1 minute;
  • Heating of dishes: It is necessary to preserve the taste and aroma of finished grilled dishes (meat and fish dishes, vegetables). Also, heated dishes maintain the temperature of the food much longer, so the guests have the opportunity to slowly savour every piece of the house specialty;
  • Maintaining the temperature of the finished dishes: There are dishes that need to be served hot from the oven to reveal their taste and aroma. However, it is not always possible to keep track of the temperature of a particular order in the kitchen. By putting the finished dish in the BQ Grill Oven holding cabinet, you will combat this issue.

What Does a Holding Cabinet Look Like

It is a chamber that has sliding grills, where you can place finished dishes or dishes to be heated.

The body and the grills placed inside are made of stainless steel. This material is resistant to moisture, corrosion, high temperatures.

How to Buy a Holding Cabinet from Our Company

To buy a holding cabinet for a josper oven of a different design, leave a request on our website. Click on the Order Calculation button. Leave your contact details in a short form. Then we will contact you to discuss the terms of cooperation, i.e. the terms of production, method of payment, delivery of the order.

You can also leave an order for the production of a holding cabinet for a restaurant, café, or pub by phone: 067 613‑10‑52, 099 212‑38‑52.

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