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Samovars with a volume of 40 liters or more

Charcoal and electric samovars (of 25 to 300 l capacity) are to be used either at the restaurant, café, hotel, bath-house or in catering activities.  

Our company offers to buy a large electric samovar with a volume of 40, 60, 130, 250 or 320 liters.

It will quickly attract the attention of guests. They will take photos against its background and will definitely remember the organized event for a long time.

You can order large samovars on our website or by phone: 099 212 38 52, 063 725 29 85.


Design. You can buy large samovars in three formats: "jar", "glass", "cube". All three options keep the water temperature for several hours, since the case and lid are equipped with a double wall that creates the effect of a thermos.

If you order a product for use in regions where the air temperature drops below 20-30 degrees, we suggest laying a heater in the samovar. Thanks to it, the product can be used in different temperature conditions: from -35C to +45C.

The large samovar by UNIT Group is equipped with a boiling tank, which performs two important functions:

  • consumes less electricity: it takes less time to warm up the water, and, accordingly, energy;
  • maintains the water temperature in the samovar for several hours without reheating

And it is important that at low temperatures in products with boiling tanks, the water boils, and not just warms up to 70-80C.

A thermometer, a water level indicator, one or more taps with cup holders are installed on the product body. On the lid there is a filling tap and two handles.

The samovar consists of two parts: the upper one is a tank with heating elements, the lower one is a stand with automation and a control panel.

Material. For the production of samovars, materials that are resistant to moisture, corrosion, and high temperatures are used.

The inner walls are made of food-grade stainless steel, the outer walls are made of brass. Handles are made of non-heat-conducting materials. They don't heat up. You can transfer the samovar without tacks.


The price of a large capacity samovar depends on the following factors, which are discussed at the design stage of the product:

the complexity of the design: the more parts you need to integrate into the samovar, the higher its cost;

the quality of the materials necessary for its production;

the presence of additional elements – insulation, handles, stands, nameplates with the company logo;

product volume: 40, 60, 130, 250 or 320 liters.

The production time of samovars in the UNIT Group is up to 14 working days.


To buy a samovar from the manufacturer, fill out the online form "Order an estimation". Enter your name and contact phone number in it. We will call you back to discuss all the terms of cooperation, payment and delivery of the finished product.

You can also make a purchase by phone: 099 212 38 52, 063 725 29 85, having discussed the format of the product for a restaurant, a fair, a country house or a mass celebration.

Model range with technical characteristics of samovars:

Model Volume Size Product weight Power, kW Boiling time
SME-40 37 F - 410,  h - 950 45 5 30 min
SME-60 58 F - 470,  h - 1150 60 7 45 min
SME-130 128 F - 630,  h - 1370 90 10 60 min
SME-250 246 F - 780,  h - 1850 120 16 90 min
SME-320 323 F - 780,  h - 1850 220 16 120 min

Optional equipment:

  • Stand
  • A nameplate with your company's logo.
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