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Warming Serving Plates

How to preserve the taste, aroma, and temperature of a steak or shish kebab that has just been cooked?

The secret is simple: use a trivet for serving meat on a plate. It trivet, the meat dish will remain juicy and hot for 30 to 60 minutes, which allows you to enjoy its taste for a long time. You can buy a trivet for serving meat on a plate on our website or by phone: 067 613‑10‑52, 099 212‑38‑52.

Main Features of the Warming Serving Plates

Design. It consists of two parts: 1) Plate for laying out the meat; 2) Stand for hot charcoal. While they are smoldering, the steak, shish kebab or lyulya kebab remain hot and fragrant. The burn-out time of charcoal is up to 30 minutes.

The advantage is that the pieces of meat or meat carcasses are heated evenly, and not just on one side. And each guest, regardless of the time of tasting the dish, will have a pleasant impression from trying the steak, shish kebab, lyulya kebab or other meat dish cooked on the grill or open fire.

The trivet has another auxiliary element, which is wooden handles that facilitate the transfer of the trivet from place to place.

Material. The trivet stand for serving meat on a plate is made of high-quality materials:

  • Stand made of black steel with heat-resistant coating;
  • The plate is made of food-grade stainless steel.

These materials are resistant to moisture, corrosion, and high temperatures.

Application. We recommend buying warming serving plates for establishments that specialize in cooking meat dishes on the grill, such as pubs, restaurants, and grill cafés.

Using this installation, you will preserve the taste and aroma of the prepared dish, and make its presentation more spectacular.

Advantages of the warm plates for serving

This product has a number of advantages that will be appreciated by both cooks and guests of the establishment:

  • Practicality: the trivet can be used for serving and storing meat dishes before the next serving of the table;
  • Ease of use: it is easy to disassemble and clean;
  • Mobility: you can move the trivet from place to place without much effort;
  • Compact size: it is placed in the center or in the far part of the dining table. The diameter of the plate is 28 to 30 cm.

Price, Ordering, and Delivery of meat hot serving plate in UNIT-GROUP

Our company offers trivet stands for serving meat on a plate of our own production.

It is manufactured using high-quality materials: black and food-grade steel, resistant to corrosion and moisture.

To place an order or discuss the production of trivet for your establishment, you can leave a request online or by phone: 067 613‑10‑52, 099 212‑38‑52.

In the request, please, specify your first and last name, contact details, and a convenient method of payment and delivery of the goods.

In addition, you can order other restaurant meat serving dishes, pub, café, or rib house by phone or online, or order a calculation of the price.

Buy warm plates for a restaurant, pub, or grill café made of durable materials in our company!

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