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Quail serving stand

We recommend using the stand for serving quails to keep meat dishes hot, juicy and flavourful after cooking. You can buy it in our company.

It is a compact design that is installed in the center of the table and it makes the serving of grilled quails more spectacular.

In UNIT-Group, you can purchase both ready-made stand for serving quails, and order a custom-made trivet. The production time of a new product is under 14 working days.

Why You Need a wrought stand for serving quail

This product is used in restaurants, pubs, and cafés where quails are cooked and served, for the following purposes:

  • To take care of the guests, especially during banquets, as meat dishes cool down within 7 to 10 minutes after cooking and become less juicy and flavourful. Stand for serving quails save the situation: they maintain the temperature of the cooked dish for a long time;
  • To make the serving of the dish more spectacular. A stand with quails installed in the center of the table will instantly attract the attention of your guests.

The stand allows you to carefully place the skewers with threaded quails in an upright position. Meanwhile, the smoldering charcoal underneath them maintains the temperature, preserving the taste and aroma of the dish.

The Main Advantages of iron quail serving stand

UNIT Group offers stand for serving quails, which are characterized by:

  • High quality: The products are produced using food-grade stainless steel, resistant to moisture, corrosion, and high temperatures. The trivet retains a presentable appearance for several years;
  • Thoughtful design: The trivet consists of four parts: 1) Tray for the burning charcoal; 2) Stands for skewers installed in an upright position; 3) Side handles designed to move the trivet from place to place; 4) Lower stand or legs so that the charcoal tray does not come into contact with the table;
  • Practicality: Grease, juice, and traces of meat are easily removed from the surface of the trivet.

As for the parameters of the product, we can discuss them during the production of the design or choose the appropriate option among the ready-made products.

You can buy trivets for serving quails from us

How Much Does the Trivet for Serving Meat Dishes Cost

The price of the trivet for serving quails is discussed on a case-by-case basis. It depends on the parameters and complexity of the design. Our team looks into this issue at the product design stage or during the selection of a ready-made trivet for a café, pub or restaurant.

You can buy trivets for serving quails from us at the best price.

How to Place an Order with UNIT-GROUP

To buy meat serving trays from us, make a request on the website or by phone: 099 212‑38‑52, 063 725‑29‑85.

In the first case, use the Order Calculation form: leave your contact details in the form, and we will contact you to discuss the terms of purchasing equipment for your café, pub or restaurant.

In the second case, you can immediately discuss the terms of buying trivets and other products designed for serving meat dishes.

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