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Pork knuckle serving stand

Pork knuckle cooked on the barbecue grill is one of the most popular dishes of cuisine. It is served in cafés, pubs, and restaurants.

If you plan to include this item in the menu of your establishment, besides the specialty equipment required for its preparation, you could do with a pork knuckle serving stand.

You can buy meat serving dishes at a favorable price or order a custom-made one.

Pork knuckle serving stand: Main Features

Design. Stand for serving the knuckle consists of two parts: a stand (base) and skewers. The meat dish is threaded on a skewer and fixed, which allows you to conveniently serve the knuckle on the table to the client.

Material. You can buy a stand for pork knuckle in two modifications: “Standard” and “Musketeer”.

The “Standard” is equipped with a square base made of hardwood, a holder and a needle made of food-grade stainless steel.

The “Musketeer” has an oval base with special grooves. These are designed for sauces and mustard. The meat dish is fixed on the holder with a skewer-sword made of stainless steel.

It is a durable and practical material that retains its color and shape with proper care for a long period of time.

Advantages of a stand for serving pork knuckle. This product can be used to:

  • Make the serving of the dish more spectacular: when you bring out a juicy and fragrant knuckle threaded on a long metal skewer, you will instantly attract the attention of visitors in your establishment;
  • Take care of the comfort of your guests: it is much easier to move a trivet with a knuckle from one side of the table to the other than a plate with this meat dish;
  • Facilitate the cutting of individual pieces of the knuckle: when a large piece of meat is fixed on a skewer, it is much easier to cut off a large or small piece with a knife.

How Much Does the Stand for Serving Pork Knuckle Cost

The cost of the product depends on the selected type of design: “Standard” or “Musketeer”

All product characteristics are discussed at the design stage. The production period takes up to 14 working days.

Buying the stand for serving Pork Knuckle in UNIT Group: Ordering, Payment and Delivery

You can buy a wood pork knuckle serving stand with stainless steel skewer by phone: 099 212‑38‑52, 063 725‑29‑85 or order on the website through the Order Calculation form. Enter your name and contact phone number there. We will call you back to clarify the terms of the order.

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