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Kebab serving stand

How to make serving shish kebab in a restaurant, café or pub more spectacular?

Our company recommends using a kebab serving stand made in a minimalistic style. This stand is compact, practical, and will definitely surprise the guests of your establishment.

In UNIT-Group, you can purchase both ready-made products and order the production of a custom stand for meat dishes. The production time of a new product is under 14 working days.

Why You Need a Stand for Shish Kebab

A stand for serving shish kebab with a single skewer installed in a horizontal position is used when:

  • The dish is served to a large group of people;
  • You need to carefully remove the pieces of meat cooked on the grill or open fire, using cutlery. It is much easier to do this from a stand;
  • You need to make the presentation of the signature dish more spectacular and attract the attention of the guests in your establishment;
  • You need to save a little space on the table: the stand installed in the center of the table will take up less space than the stands with skewers placed near each guest;
  • You want to reduce the time spent cleaning the table: there are small grooves on the stand, which collect the grease and juice from the meat preventing it from spoiling the surface of the table.

Advantages of kebab serving stand from UNIT-Group

Our company offers stands for shish kebabs, which are characterized by:

  • High quality: They are manufactured using food grade stainless steel and solid wood.
  • Practical design: The table stand for shish kebab consists of three components: a horizontal skewer placed in the centre, holders, and a stand with grooves which collects the dripping grease;
  • Long service life: Food grade stainless steel is resistant to moisture, corrosion, high temperatures and other external factors.

A stand for serving shish kebab is a practical purchase for a restaurant, café or pub serving meat dishes. It looks presentable and is not afraid of external factors.

How Much Does a Stand for Shish Kebab Cost

Our company provides both ready-made and custom-made products.

In the first case, metal serving dishes are fixed. It depends on the specifications of the stand.

In the second case, the cost of the product depends on its size, materials used for its production, and its design. These issues will be discussed at the project development stage.

How to Order Equipment for a Restaurant, Café, Pub from UNIT-Group

You can make a purchase of dishware for serving meat from us online (using the Order Calculation form on the website) or by phone: 099 212‑38‑52, 063 725‑29‑85.

Choose stands for meat dishes from us, and get only premium products!

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