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Pancake Station

The pancake station is a compact, practical and reliable device for establishments of any form

The Commercial Pancake Station is a collapsible product. It cooks using firewood or charcoal, without direct contact of the food with fire. It is designed for 6 pans. It heats up quickly and is capable of preparing pancakes of different degrees of roasting. The material is stainless steel.

You can order the pancake station from us. The production time is 14 days

Why You Need a outdoor pancake station

Cooking pancakes has become a “gimmick” of many establishments, such as restaurants, cafés, pubs, and hotels. This dish is served as an appetizer, main course and dessert, either salty or sweet.

Also, a pancake station designed for professional use is the best option for events taking place outdoors. For example, corporate events, team building events, presentations of new projects.

This device will enable you to cook a lot of dishes in a short time, providing guests with delicious and nutritious treats.

Main Features of the UNIT Group Commercial Pancake Station

The pancake station manufactured by UNIT Group is a device that works on firewood or charcoal. Its surface can hold 6 pans with a diameter of 220 mm.

The device is characterized by:

  • High quality: It is made of stainless steel, resistant to moisture, corrosion, high temperatures;
  • Practicality: It is easy to clean and is disassembled into separate parts that can be cleaned after cooking pancakes;
  • Compact size: The diameter is 1,150 mm, the height is 1,100 mm, the height with pipe is 2,500 mm;
  • Versatility: The device can be installed both indoors and outdoors areas intended for cooking and serving dishes to guests.

How Much Does a Pancake Station Cost

The price of an outdoor pancake station depends on two factors: 1) The parameters of the device, i.e. its length and height; 2) The diameter of the cooking surface for the dishes.

You can discuss these parameters at the design stage of development of a custom device, taking into account the number of daily guests to your establishment and the number of pancake-based dishes in the main menu.

How to Place an Order with our Company

If you are planning to buy a pancake station for a restaurant, café, pub or hotel as a ready-made solution, you can place an order by phone: 099 212‑38‑52, 063 725‑29‑85.

If you need a custom-made device, use the Order Calculation form. Our manager will call you back to discuss all the details of further cooperation.

In addition to pancake stations, UNIT Group offers furniture, cutting tables, thermal equipment for restaurants at the price set by our company.

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