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GF and GFL Series Hydrofilters

GF water filter is one of the devices that prevent combustion occurrence and fires in the air duct systems of barbecues, grills, and ovens. It eliminates any causes that may provoke a fire in the kitchen.

Operation of the GF Water filter

The GF Series Hydrofilter is installed in the existing ventilation system, since it has no fan. Together with a water filter, we recommend purchasing a storage tank that optimizes water consumption during operation of the device. The storage tank is optional.

The GF Series Spark Extinguisher has four stages of air purification:

  • The first stage: hot air passes through a water curtain, created by HENNLICH sprayers (Germany). Here, small particles of water mix with air containing combustion products;
  • At the second stage, the air passes through labyrinth filters, partially eliminating grease and soot;
  • At the third stage, the flow turns 180 degrees, providing additional cooling of the air;
  • At the fourth stage of purification, the air enters the second row of labyrinth filters.

Completely free from sparks, it enters the ventilation system.

By installing the GF Hydrofilter in the kitchen of a restaurant, café, or pub, you will:

  • Eliminate any threats that contribute to combustion occurrence or fire;
  • Clean the air from soot, grease, and tar;
  • Cool the gas and smoke to 45-60 °C at the exhaust (if you use a storage tank, you can increase the temperature of the outgoing air by 20-30 °C);
  • Neutralize unpleasant odours and smoke.

We recommend installing this device in all catering establishments.

Features of GFL Hydrofilters

The GFL Series Hydrofilter is another device that eliminates the causes of fires. They have six stages of hot air purification, and are equipped with an improved filter that provides better cleaning of hot air from combustion products and grease.

Four stages of air purification are similar to the previous model. At the fifth stage, the air passes through the second row of sprayers. They reduce the temperature of the air flow. At the sixth stage, water particles and soot traces are eliminated, and the air enters the ventilation.

We recommend buying a water filter for the GFL Barbecue, if it is important for you to:

  • Prevent the occurrence of sparks that may provoke a fire;
  • Clean the air from soot, grease, and tar;
  • Cool the gases and smoke at the exhaust of the system to 35 to 45 °C;
  • Neutralize unpleasant odours and smoke.
  • The GFL Spark Finder deals with all its tasks, providing comfortable conditions for the kitchen staff.

How to Buy a Hydrofilter from our Company

To buy a GFL or GF Hydrofilter, fill out a short form on our website. It will appear after clicking on the “Order Calculation” panel. Leave your details, and we will contact you to discuss the terms of the purchase.

And one more thing: the price of the restaurant water filter system is provided on an individual request and is formed taking into account the complexity of the configuration.

Also, you can make a purchase by phone: 067 613‑10‑52, 099 212‑38‑52.

Main Parameters and Dimensions of GF Hydrofilters (PDF)

Main Parameters and Dimensions of GFL Hydrofilters (PDF)

Main Parameters and Dimensions of Storage Tanks (PDF)

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