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Argentina Grill AG-D

The AG-D grill is suitable for summer outdoor areas, outdoor events, private homes, and food trucks.

It will allow you to cook fragrant steaks, sausages, tenderized steaks, fish fillets, and bake vegetables.

This is a compact and practical model, which will easily and quickly prepare various items from the grill menu for the guests of your establishment.

Main Features of the AG-D Argentina Grill

Purpose. The AG-D Series Parrillas are designed for open areas: parks, patios, or backyards of private houses.

They are easy to move from place to place, and choose the most suitable location for cooking grilled steak or vegetables.

This model works on charcoal and is equipped with an exhaust hood that eliminates grease, smoke, unpleasant smell, and soot, so cooking will not cause discomfort to people around it.

Design. One of the key elements of the grill are the ribbed inclined grates. They will hold pieces of meat, fish, vegetables, sausages and other products. And while they are cooking, all the grease will run off into the grease drip pan.

The grease does not fall on open charcoal, and does not cause the impurities to discharge and settle on the finished meat or fish. Because of this, the taste of each item is expressive, without any bitterness.

The grills are adjustable in height with a help of a chain mechanism. The height is selected depending on the preferred degree of doneness of a particular product.

A shelf for resting meat is installed above the ribbed grates. This is a useful addition: you can put meat steaks on it after a strong roasting, so that they become softer before serving.

This model is also equipped with four swivel wheels, two of which have brakes, so that it is easier to transport the grill and install it at the selected location.

The design is completed with an open or closed shelf, drawers for storing charcoal.

Material. We offer the AG-D Series Argentinian Grills made of high-quality materials resistant to corrosion, moisture, and high temperatures.

The grill jacket is made of boiler grade steel with refractory brickwork. We cover the structure with a special heat-resistant paint for grills. The grease drip pan, shelf, and finish of the jacket are made with food grade stainless steel.

Brass, copper, and stainless steel decorate the structure.

Making a Purchase with Our Company

We offer favorable prices in Ukraine for the AG-D Grill and components for food equipment, parrilla Argentina grill and other devices for cooking items from the grill and josper menus for restaurants, cafés, and pubs.

To buy a single- or two-operator AG-D Argentinian Parrilla Grill, leave a request on our website. Click on the Order Calculation button, fill out the form and discuss the conditions for purchasing equipment for your establishment with our managers.

Also, you can place an order by phone: 067 613‑10‑52, 099 212‑38‑52.

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