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Grill-oven is a closed oven working on coal and designed for using in the kitchen or in the restaurant’s room. Furnace chamber is made of boiler steel 16GS up to 12 mm and has a special design that allows avoiding temperature warping. The facing of its’ housing is made of stainless steel. There is a layer of thermal insulating foil basalt wool between the chamber and the facing. Owing to this, the furnace body is not heated and low heat dissipation can significantly reduce coal consumption. The waste coal ash falls into a sliding drawer. To adjust the thermal processes and the intensity of burning coal there are installed adjustable dampers at the top and bottom of the furnace. The stainless exhaust pipe is equipped with a flame arrester. There is also a thermometer on the door. The walls of oven chamber have a number of guides to regulate the grates height. The oven is installed under an enclosure with grease filters. The chosen enclosure should be at least 3000 m.kb/ h and should have proper dimensions to cover the furnace with its open door.


 1. Flame arrester;
 2. The upper flap (choke);
 3. Thermometer;
 4. The bottom flap;
 5. Ash drawer;
 6. Grease collector.


  Complete set:




 - grill-oven with fire arrester, thermometer, ash drawer and coal drawer;
  thermometer, ash drawer and coal drawer;
- 2 grates;
- scoop;
- poker;
- tongs.

Cooking may be done either directly on the grate, or in special containers, which lie on the grate. Temperature regulation of cooking is realized by moving grates throughout the height and by regulating the intensity of burning coals of the upper and lower vanes. In this oven cooking of several products simultaneously is available.





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