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Robata grill
Robata grill
Robata grill
Robata grill
Robata grill

Robata grill is an invention of Japanese fishermen, thanks to which they prepared their catch. The three-tiered construction of the Robata grill allowed them to cook at the same time fish of different sizes and with a specific approach to each: they put large fish on the lower level, where the highest heat, medium - on the middle, and small, respectively, on the upper one.

So, the relevance of the three-level grill is cooking absolutely different dishes at the same time. Robata allows to cook each dish with the optimal regime for it. The design of 3 levels makes it possible to roast (on the lower level), bake (medium level) and simmer (the upper level).

Menu: meat, fish dishes, seafood, vegetables and even exotic dishes. Heat in the robata-grill spreads over the whole area, that makes it possible for the products to be evenly prepared.

Robata will find not only practical, but also aesthetic use in your restaurant, because the cooking on is quite spectacular. So the grill can be installed right in the hall or in the open kitchen of the restaurant.

The material of manufacture is food stainless steel. The grill box is faced with refractory bricks.

Fuel - charcoal.

Dimensions of robata-grill - 1320h500h1260

For indoor use, we recommend you to complete with the hydraulic spark arrester GF special, which is mounted on an exhaust hood or GF is built in ventilation.

You can buy robata grill from us or our dealers.