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Laser cutting of sheet metal

Laser cutting  of sheet metal

We provide services of laser cutting of sheet metal:

The maximum size of the processed sheet metal: 3000х1500mm.

 Thickness of the processed metal:

- Stainless steel up to 5mm;

- Carbon steel up to 12mm;

- Aluminum up to 5mm;

- Brass and bronze up to 3mm;

- Galvanized steel and copper up to 3mm.

 Caution: T
he presence of corrosion, dents and irregularities on the surface of the sheet is not allowed, It is   leads to inaccuracies during cutting.

 To calculate the cost, you need a file with the part contour in 1: 1 scale, in the following formats: * .dxf. dwg

 In the case of an order in the form of a drawing, a sketch or in another electron format - the cost of preparing a file is 100 UAH / hour.

The term of production is from one working day (depending on volume of work)

The final cost calculation is carried out individually, after the provision of drawings.