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Argentine Grill AG-D
Argentine Grill AG-D
Argentine Grill AG-D
Argentine Grill AG-D
Argentine Grill AG-D

The Argentine grill (parilla) AG-D is a classic Argentine grill designed for outdoor performance stage, outdoor events and private houses. Cooking is done on ribbed sloping grates, along which fat flows down.

We produce one- and two sided grills AG-D . Adjusting the height of the grates is made using a chain mechanism.

The grill box is made of boiler steel and is lined with refractory bricks. A covering is heat-resistant paint for grills. Grease colector, a working shelf and facing of a box – food grade stainless steel.

Above the working ribbed grates  is a shelf for resting of meat. The stand can be open with a shelf or closed with doors and drawers. Mobile models are equipped with 4 rotating wheels, two of them with a brake.

Material: food-grade stainless steel, carbon steel with powder coating, boiler steel with heat-resistant coating for grills, fire-resistant brick.

Decor - copper, brass, stainless steel.

When working indoors, we recommend installing an Argentine AG-D grill under an exhaust hood, and equip the ventilation with a hydraulic spark filter arrester.

You can buy an Argentinean grill from us or our dealers.