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Argentine grill AG-B

Argentinea grill AG-B is a grill with ribbed grilles, through that fat flows into the  fat collector. The advantage of such grill to the classic is that the fat from the food products does not fall on burning coals and as a result, steaks don’t have a bitter taste and smell of burnt fat.

A distinctive feature of the AG-B model is the lever mechanism of the grate lifting. A lever is located in the upper side of the complex. The locking system allows fixing the grate at a certain height. The counterweight system makes the process of adjustment as easy as possible.

A grill box is made of boiler steel and is lined with refractory bricks. Lattices, lifting mechanism fat collector, veneer of the box with an auxiliary shelf - food grade stainless steel. There are shelves for meat “rest”.

The grill stand can be opened with shelves closed with swing doors, drawers and with drawers for coals.

Material - carbon steel with powder painting or stainless steel.

Side panels - carbon steel with powder coating or stainless steel. Using the grill indoors, a heater is laid between the linings.

Suction ventilation hood has the shape of dome with a set of labyrinth grease traps. Material - carbon steel with powder coating or stainless steel. Decor - wood, copper, brass, carbon steel.

The grill can additionally be equipped with a generator of coals, a niche for the grill oven of the BQ series, etc.

The size of the complex is from 1000mm to 2500mm.

This complex can be mobile or stationary.

Working indoors, we recommend completing the hydraulic spark arrester GF or CF.

You can buy Argentinean grill AG-B from us or from our dealers.

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