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Argentine Grill AG-A

Argentine Grill AG-A

Argentine Grill AG-A is a classic representative of argentine grills with ribbed grates and a grease box. A distinctive feature is the height adjustment by means of a chain mechanism with a wheel. We produce three types of AG-A models: open, close and build-in.

AG-A close Argentine Grill:

Close grill placed on an open or closed stand. It has three panels - two sides and one back. Exhaust hood is mounted at the top. The stand can be equipped with shelves, drawers, drawers for coal, and niches with hinged doors. The material is food grade stainless steel or carbon steel with heatproof coating. Finishing is made of stainless steel, brass, copper, etc. Side and back panels are made of stainless steel or carbon steel with heat-resistant coating.

Suction ventilation hood of the shape of dome are completed with grease traps. The material of it is stainless steel or carbon steel with powder coating. The finishing of it made of stainless steel, brass, copper or wood.

It is possible to supply for the BQ series grill coal generator and niche.

Open Argentine AG-A Grill
An open Argentine grill is set on open or closed stand. The material of it is food-grade stainless steel with powder and heat-resistant coatings.

Built-in Argentine grill AG-A
This grill is intended for installation in a wall niche, an existing brazier, etc. It is made of food grade stainless steel.

The box of grills of all models is made of boiler steel and fitted with heat-resistant bricks.

The length of grills is from 800mm to 2500mm.

For indoor operation, we recommend completing it with a special hydraulic spark arrester GF series, which must be installed on the exhaust hood or build-in in ventilation GF.

You can buy AG-A UNIT grill from us or from our dealers.

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